Tools of the trade

Web design

Photoshop CS5.

Drawings (Traditional)

Mechanical pencil and usual eraser.
I usually use ‘normal’ 0.5mm fills, but they somehow end up being a slight bit more B than H.
Years ago, I found a mechanical pencil and used it ever since. I can’t even begin to think about changing since I’m so used to how to hold it, how to turn the lead so it’s more or less sharp, more or less flat, etc.

Drawings (With Tablet)

Bamboo Fun Tablet; Touch & Draw.
Bought it years ago (Wacom Canada doesn’t even sell it anymore), didn’t figure it was that different from paper… I still need to pratice a lot with it.
Paint Tool SAI
I can’t use Photoshop for this because it lags like crazy on my computer, but Sai is way better for drawing in my opinion: light, fast, and some tiny differences that make it better in the field than Photoshop, like the tilt option. The brush options seem far more developped in a direction that you need for drawing rather than general ‘brush tool’ art.


Sony Vegas Pro 10.0.

For editing (scans, web design, amv)

Acer Aspire 5532 (2009), 1.6Ghz, 3Gb RAM
I busted a Gb of RAM by moving it when I was a newbie in the field. It stills takes most of the load I give it, though I use another computer for Internet browsing; this one is only for MMOs, scanning and using Photoshop.


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