Where to find me

DeviantART. <3


^ That’s a really old account. I’m really ashamed of the name. I’ll have to create a shemphera.dA.com someday…

AnimeMusicVideos – The Org.

Id #1055954 

^ I’ll have to create myself a picture that’ll make this profile actually LOOK like a profile. Now I don’t even get the feeling I’m on a AMV.org profile page, I get the feeling I’m on some obscure technical page no one has seen before…

My e-mail is my username at Hotmail. No spaces or anything.

 An amateur mangaka forum from Quebec. ♥

The forum's banner that you obviously aren't seeing.

Harajuku - Mangaka !

<  We accept people from all over the world though, as long as they speak French. I’m part of the administration team.

MyAnimeList Profile.

My avatar that you obviously aren't seeing.

It was a forum signature that I cut to make myself an avatar.

<  I’m a multi-book reader and a multi-series watcher. As of October 30th, I’m reading 54 manga series and watching 19 anime (with 10 mangas and 8 animes on hold). I can’t even count how many novels I’m reading at the same time.




A forum for avatars requests for the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, Hordes.fr.

An unofficial banner that you obviously aren't seeing.

A banner that some use to represent Avatar Hordes.

< A French avatar creator community, for Hordes.fr. We make animated and ‘static’ avatars; the creator’s team is made of approximatively 17 more or less active creators. A big part of the creator’s team was made during summer 2011, when I joined too. We haven’t had a Die2Nite (the English counterpart of Hordes.fr) up until now, though D2N has countless Avatar Hordes’ avatars. I don’t think anyone would care if English-speakers asked for an avatar, though they’ll have to understand how to make an avatar request first…

The reason we are almost 1000 members is because people have to register to make an avatar request.


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