028 A few new drawings

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Click to enlarge !

Here are a few new drawings I made in the last couple of days. As you can see, the one in the top left corner is a redraw of the very first drawing / picture / post I posted on this blog.

Usually, when I see redraws, the artist always, but I really mean always (in all the cases I saw) changes the pose, changes how the characters looks, adds or removes details… But that’s not redrawing to see how you’ve improved, that’s recreating the piece, only using your precedent drawing as reference. What’s the use in that, other than boast around that you can now add more details and do a completely different pose and background ? I think some details are okay, of course, like hair being more detailed, clothes hanging differently… But when the whole flow of the picture is different, when the background changes from a ‘regular’ flower field to a flower field filled with strange flowers, different colors, the sky is different, etc… Can you still call that a redraw ? How can you call something that looks different but just has the same character looking vaguely the same a redraw ? Of course, artists can do whatever they want, but if they’re doing a redraw, or a redraw meme, at least follow the definition of the d*mn thing, or don’t call it that… I personnaly suggest: “Self-Plagiarism: recreating an old piece”.

I’m sorry, this is probably not the best place to rant and actually expect results, but I needed to say this somewhere. As an artist in progress that wants to learn from how their favorite artist progressed from years to years, redraws are quite more helpful than just going through a gallery from page 28 to 1. And I have to say that I’m constantly deceived when I see my preferred artists, the ones whom I follow the work of, finally posting a ‘redraw’ of an old piece, and when I click on the thumbnail (I’m talking about my deviantART experience here), well, it’s not a redraw, it’s a remake… It’s not completely useless to compare, but it’s like comparing B who stole A’s art and I want to look where it looks alike. Except A and B are the same person, years or sometimes months apart.

Anyways, I decided to redraw the exact same pose and character, even though I don’t picture my fursona like that anymore, even though I would’ve liked to do the symbols on his face differently, even though I wanted to slightly change his clothing and even though I wanted to change the hair.

And yes, the hand on the table is crappy as hell. I actually wanted to draw the open eye a little more accurately, but I had already shaded all the rest around and erasing would’ve meant smudging everything all over the area.

Now, for the character at the middle-top position, it’s not really an actual illustration of a pose or something, it’s a concept art of a LAARP (Live-Action Asomething Role Play) costume for me.

The character on the very left of the top line is a persona. I would’ve liked to do the face a little differently and the crotch doesn’t seem right (I hadn’t actually finished drawing/shading before I actually abandonned the thing and considered it done- I only noticed after scanning). I really need to pratice hands in all positions… I think I have the ‘hand around an object / fist-like’ poses o.k., but all the others are quite meh. Good thing I found a bunch of tutorials over on Tumblr (link here to all the tutorials I found useful). As for the eyes… they aren’t really finished either. But meh. I’m still hesitating over the final design for the horns of my persona. I guess they’ll just keep changing around the same concept over and over until I find one that suits me.

As for the bottom left drawing… I first thought of redrawing the character that is leaning on a wall from the last bunch of drawings I posted, but it turned out different in the end, and I didn’t want to erase everything to add clothes once I had finished drawing the base pose.

I also messed up on my own URL. There’s an “a” missing in “pherart.wordpress.blablabla”… Oh well.


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