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Ahh, this one… I made it on September the 16th, 2011. I was really inspired by the original slight red colors of the picture, and devided to bring them out even more. I believe red is one of teh best colors to make a creation with. It catches the attention, and if it’s well done, the person that looks can’t detach their sight from it for a few seconds – more than any other colors. I think this red and use of color particularly is of that kind.

For once since a while, I used only one base picture, made by Satis. Here’s the link to the Pixiv page of the illustration. However, the character comes from an anime called Tiger & Bunny, which aired around that year. I was a complete fan and watched all the episodes as soon as I discovered this anime’s existence. Then I came about this particlar character, that… I barely remember what she was doing, really (also, I don’t want to spoil anything) except… something to do with dolls.


The texture, obviously inspired by her glasses’ side, was entirely made by me and the pen tool on Photoshop. As it’s quite obvious, I didn’t have to work a lot to do HJMK’s 7th design, the article you can see here, since I had the main texture and colors already done and picked out.

So. I basically did the texture, which took a really long time since I did everything manually (the diamond too, I believe); placing, duplicating, moving, etc etc. That’s why some of them look strange. As you may notice after looking at it for some time… the texture is the red color, not the normal color, though at the center and on the left, if really looks like it (the ‘supposed texture’) was put everywhere where the color is less red. After putting it there, I cut out Kriem from there and added a very, very slight red layer on everything (if I remember well; I stronguely believed it wasn’t going together well enough, and a simple layer of the red color in very low opacity would do the job of adjusting the colors).

For the text, I simply used a very ornated character for the first letter, and only that one because it would’ve seemed way too over-did if the entire thing was like that. The Japanese caracters above the ‘KRIEM’ are her name written in Japanese, I think (I’m sorry, I made it too long ago…). The caracters under the two lines of text are actually Romaji (roman alphabet writting of Japanese words) and Japanese (Katakana for the ‘Jake’, since it’s foreign, hiragana after, and a single kanji at the beginning of the second line, followed by more hiragana) meaning exactly the same thing; it’s actually the romaji of the caracters right under them. It means: ‘Is Jake-sama here ? Please tell me…’ Since I think at some part in the anime, she’s searching for the character named ‘Jake’. I needed something short in every way, so I used this, though I could’ve found other things… But the real thing is, the probability that no one would ever know what it meant was way higher than someone saying ‘dude that’s some really crappy japanese’ or ‘dude that’s lame as hell’… And by the way, I stronguely believe it is not crappy Japanese. I used Google Translate, indeed, but I translated it multiple ways, in multiple languages (3 or 4) to Japanese and back, until I obtained this, which looks quite trustable.

Anyways. I really like and liked this one.

And with this last creation, I’m finished with posting old creations made a while ago but not yet posted here. I can thus start making load and loads of art and post them every day… yeah right. I can always hope…


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