026 Joker/Why so serious signature

signat 18

Created July 29th, 2011. I was in this kind of Batman phase at the time, I had seen the two recent trilogy’s film and was up to date with the Dark Knight Rises’ news, had seen most of the 1990’s Batman films, and had started reading the comics from square 1 (or, to be precise, 0; I started with the very first ever published, yes, those that have 50 pages and have 3 adventures per comic, with an incredible amount of dialog).

I went through the Batman tag on Danbooru to search for illustrations, and found multiple nice pictures, and among them this little gem (an illustration drawn by Amatera). After finding it, I also Googled some more The Dark Knight / Joker images, and when I say I went through a lot, well, I made a full folder (how ironic to say ‘full’, since on Windows folders can never be ‘full’…) of images with those themes. This signature is basically a mashup between the most interesting of them.

First, the very farest background, the falling apart bat-cut building. At the time, it was really rare to have already seen The Dark Knight Rises’ poster, so I really was in awe of the graphic design work on that. But then, I had my favorite character of the moment, the Joker, to incorporate, and that was quite hard with such a small surface. I resized the Joker illustration uncountable times, trying desperately to fit in the pipe he holds in his hand which really was über-cool to me… In the end, I just remembered ten minutes ago that he was actually holding one in the original picture. Anyways, I cut him out and put a glowing outline to erase the not-so-high quality cut-out of him, then plastered him in the middle with a layer effect, probably something like Overlay or Lighten.

After I was satisfied with the placing (I resized it until the very moment I exported the pic), I started the text part. Much more complicated than it seems, really. You see, the text in the upper left corner is original. I mean, I didn’t make it, it’s from a Joker picture I found. I don’T think the art is official, but it’s still really nice (and not from me). Here’s the picture for which I didn’t bother searching an artist for.

So. As you can see, the text is the same. I took it out from there after battling with the bloody details (litteraly) and put it on my picture with an effect so that the cutting out wouldn’t be visible… that much. I then started doing the text in the bottom right corner. I soon realised it didn’t take up enough place, or at least as much as I wanted, visually, for it to take. I battled/cut out the smile and the eyes and plastered them there too, though the eyes are almost not visible so the smile… doesn’t even look like a smile. For the last part of text, which is the HA HA HA in the background, I simply created a text layer with a HA, tilted it and placed it with others on approximatively the same diagonal line. Then, I selected all the copies and duplicated them perpendicularly. I thought about doing the same the other side, but I thought that it would’ve been too much, visual-wise.

I added a frame for the whole thing and voilà !

I really liked how it came out at the time, and I mean, really really liked it, but now… I can’t stop seeing the obvious cutting flaws at the top left corner’s text, the lack of visibility of the smile, how it should’ve been inclined in the opposite direction… But, still, at the first glance, I think it’s a very nice creation.


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