024 ‘This is what rock n roll looks like’ signature

signat 16Made April 7th, 2011, after seeing a certain music video by Porcelain Black (you can find it easily on YouTube). As for the pic, there’s two: one from Danbooru, by Ryuuta (ipse) on Pixiv and one (it’s a wallpaper, actually) coming from a theme made by Nostromo, an AMV-maker. You can find his blog and the theme here.

It’s the usual thing: a signature picture for forums I was going on.

I really liked how this picture came out. It wasn’t really what I was planning for at the beginning, since really I never plan much, but I find the double-pasting style turned out really well used. The text is a little crappy though, because of the ‘this’ mostly. The two stars are basic Photoshop brushes which I rendered from drawings with the Pen tool to normal images. I don’t remember if I changed the multi-colored outlines before of after rendering though. Oh and the violet-colored hairpin was pure luck. I was placing the picture (it’s the Sulaco theme’s wallpaper I used for the pics’ own background, actually) inside the lineart and it aligned as so. For the text outline, I used a gradient image in clipping mode, I think. I prefer clipping to using masks or any other mean because I can modify the clipped image as much as I want and as freeely as I want.

I made a wallpaper out of this, too. Here it is:

Simply click on the picture to have it in big. I can take off the Denver System upon request, though I would prefer to keep it this way so people don’t go posting it everywhere.

I also used it as my avatar at multiple websites for a while.


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