023 Black Rock Shooter’s Strength themed signature

signat 15

Please click to enlarge !

Now this one… I really liked it, as well as now as when I made (on the 14th of March 2011) and was making it. It fits more or less together but I think the colors are simply perfect as a whole.

First, for the left side… I used this screenshot posted by Danny Choo on his website, from Black Rock Shooter’s OAV (a short video that ran before the anime was made) that I watched right before getting all worked up to make a signature with something BRS-related. I tried multiple things with all the good pictures I could get at the time on Danbooru (approximatively 20 of, I’d say, a grand total of 150) but this is what looked the best. Plus Strength wasn’t well-known at all at the time, I think her name didn’t even appear in the OAV… And Black Rock Shooter was still a song for most of the people that even knew about it.

So anyways. I cut out the character from the background with the magic wand (or something like that, don’t know what it’s called in the English version of Photoshop) but it still left a few residues, so I used the now usual external glow and it simply came out before as hell.

Now, for the right side, I used this picture illustrated by Y-614 (as written on the signature, actually). I also considered using the lineart the artist made, but it was ugly with it and didn’t bring anything good to the signature so I left it out.

For once, I didn’t cut out the picture from it’s background -I made the background larger so it filled up the whole size I had for my signature (700×200 pixels). I added a yellow layer over everything to make it look more… yellow, obviously, and changed the fusion mode (color or tint, with a lower opacity so I could still see the original colors a little). I’m not sure if I used a fusion mode for the picture on the left, but I know that if I did, I probably used two layers of the same picture, with reduced opacity for the two of them.

Then I added the texture. I’m pretty sure I added it two times with different fusion modes for each for a reason as simply as the zone a little darker around the Strength to the right; I believe I cut it out from one of them quite sketchily, and did the other really precisely, so it looked like there was some kind of glow around the character. Also, I’m quite sure I added a layer (with a fusion mode, of course) with a white dot (made with a round brush with 0% hardness) right on Strength’s eye to accentuate the light there is on it.

Then I added the text. It was my first time adding text right on a character, so it really was some experimentation… but I think it turned out exceptionnally well. I simply looked up how to write Strength in Japanese Katakana (the graphs used for foreign words) and put it on the top-left corner of the big name because… I felt like it. Now I realise the area would’ve looked quite empty without it. I guess the ‘This is gonna rock’ could’ve been a little upper, but then the lower part would’ve looked too empty, and if I’d put the main word a little lower, it would’ve ‘crushed’ the details of the picture behind… So, meh.

I really like the central STRENGTH with western writting though, it looks badass as hell and, actually, the left part could’ve been all the signature, the right part isn’t that essential… but meh, didn’t think about it. I guess it would’ve been better to put the picture on the right a little closer and cut a little part off from the right of the file because it looks almost like I desperately wanted to fill space up… But anyways, I still like how it came out ! ^-^


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