022 Post-apocalyptic themed signature

signat 13

As usual, click to enlarge !

Made at the beginning of March 2011. I used a Touhou post-apocalyptic pic that was really big and that had two or three other characters on it, but I can’t find it anymore on Danbooru, I’m sorry… Here, I played with the contrast to my liking and added a few blood spots to fill space. I added an Umbrella wallpaper (the logo) with the same purpose, played with fusion mode a little. Then I added the Phera in caps and a font that matched really well the one right under; I added a clipping mask over the test and played around with the brush to create variations with the color (I use clipping masked a lot, actually, they’re really helpful for almost everything- cutting out and putting a new color/texture over, text color, etc.).

I really liked this one when I made it (the eyes, on a zoomed in avatar, are just eye candies) because everywhere your gaze goes, there’s something interesting to look at (umbrella logo looking badass to the left, Phera with variying colors in the middle, character [Hakurei Reimu] to the right).

Oh and yes the S right on top of Phera’s A was intented… I meant to wrote S. Phera but it looked shitty, so I put the S on the top; it filled space and it was more visible when I had just made it, now much much less… But meh, at least it’s discrete and there isn’t a white space in the middle of nowhere.

As always, the picture is not mine, I only modified it to my liking.


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