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January 20th, 2011.

And with this, I was fast back on my usual track of doing the… creation… thingies. Signatures, there. I see a picture that I really like, I put a few textures / change colors where and when necessary, plaster a fitting text on it, and I’m done.

I remember this one quite clearly, probably because I was looking at a pleasant illustration all the time I was working on it… I don’t think I used a C4D here, but I’m 100% I used a texture to change the general feeling of the illustration and to concentrate the attention on the girl (the stuff around was quite colorful though, before).

Then I worked on the text… Meh. I vaguely like the paragraph on the right, but the one on the left looks I tried hard and failed. And that’s kind of what happened, to be honest. I usually never use underlines in the stuff I make, but here the text looked so lost I just had to put it… Problem is, the text still looks lost.

Looking back, I think I should’ve used a text that would’ve simply gone behind the girl (meaning here that I’d pixelate the layer, then cut out the girl very precisely with a hard brush/eraser so it looks like the text has always been in the background) and look neat. Plus the paragraph on the right… Well, I’m obviously exagerating when I say it’s a paragraph, but that’s what it looks like when you only take a sligth glance at it… Paragraph on a picture like this equals that you don’t really want to read it. That’s why ads use little text, because if there’s too much, you’ll simply… have too much of it and feel annoyed at someone who asks you to read something on multiple lines to understand what they mean. You’re there to enjoy and be entertained / amused, not to feel annoyed…

Anyways. I think the picture and texture are perfect, but the texts would need some more work.

Once again, I don’t have the source for the illustration anymore and the amount of picture I’d have to sweep through to find this is just huge… I know it’s from Danbooru as usual, though. As always, the picture is still not mine and I’ve only used it to modifiy it to my liking and for my personnal, non-commercial use.

And, just so everyone knows for once – I’m not writting the “no credits, not mine’ etc. thingies just to have fun, it’s because I don’t want an artist to be suddently notified of me using their makings and go crazily mad about it. I’d feel flattered if someone used my things to make better things out of them, but then again… It would only apply to drawings, and I haven’t published that worthy drawings -for now, anyways. It’s a just-in-case little sentence, so I can be sure I mentionned it in case one artist comes back to me and ask what the hell are you doing with my babies or, more probably, you doing what with me babies.


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