020 A C4D try-out

signat 11

15th of January 2011.

This is a very good example of what happens when I have a few elements I want to use and don’t really know how to put them together… It happens from time to time, but is usually very rare. I’m not satisfied at all with this, but meh. I had passed so much time on it I didn’t even want to work more on it anymore and just kept the result I was with at the time…

I desperately wanted to use the C4D’s features as much as possible, so… this is what came out: at text over the lighter lines. It looks nice, I guess, but… meh, I still don’t like it. The text color and shape it good, but… Something is fundamentaly wrong.

I found the original artist of the picture, it’s Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, that made a lot of illustration for Evangelion, notably for the manga covers, not sure if he drew the manga though… Anyways, here’s the original illustration that I found on Danbooru, as usual.

I only kept the signature for a few days…


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