018 Signature for New Year !

signat 8

This is an animated Gif ! If it doesn’t show well, please enlarge it by clicking on it.

Another signature I made for myself, for my Hordes guild’s forum. It’s vaguely new-year themed because of the text… I know I added a texture and changed the colors with it, but I don’t think I wrote the Japanese version.

I’m pretty sure I found the pic while searching for some zombie-themed illustratioins, and quite sure it’s from Danbooru… I searched for it, but couldn’t find it again… So no credits now either.

It’s a very heavy file, 9MB or so, because I always export my gif in the highest quality possible… So this is exactly what it looked like in my Photoshop window with the original files (usually gifs are exported not that well and they get pixelated like hell, and colors aren’t that good either).

I did the frames myself instead of using Photoshop’s powers… but meh. At least I got some very good training with this.


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