017 A Christmas-themed signature

signat 7

One I made right before Christmas. I used a pre-made gradient from Photoshop, that makes lines of equal thickness, and modified it a little to have more lines and different colors (I also used these red and white stripes for HJMK’s Christmas design, with a very different picture though… Didn’t make any screenshots because I didn’t change much from the Halloween version, except the text boxes’ colors). I added a border around ‘Merry-X-Mas’ so it looks even more creepy… And strangely merry. I was a ghoul at the time (December 2010) in the game, thus the ‘From the ghoul with the umbrella’.

Once again, I can’t find the picture I used because I think I made a very big search (one hour and more) to find Christmas-themed pics at the time… But I’m quite sure it’s from Danbooru. I only cut out the picture from it’s white background (added and outer glow border to hide those, obviously) and changed the colors a little  to make them more flashy. Annd once again, the picture isn’t mine at all, I only modified it for my personnal use.


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