016 Another Hordes signature

signat 6

Yet another signature, the first for the new forum. It fitted quite well with the design, that had a black-ish background for the text, and the same yellow-stripped background as the one I used for the signature.

I don’t much to say about it… Except I used the same picture twice for the yellow and black stripes, each with different fusion modes. I like how the character’s position and eye-direction (?) fits (well, fits close enough) with the text(s)… And, now that I see from years apart, I probably should’ve made the Shem Phera‘s borders (the big one) a little more vivid.

One again, I can’t get the picture back… This time I don’t even know what tags I used to find this. I probably found it on Danbooru though, and as I said in my previous article, it’s not because I don’t (and can’t) give credits to the original illustrator that it’s mine ! I only modified the drawing to my likings.


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