015 (Post-)apocalypstic themed signature

signat 5

The third signature I made for my Hordes guild. At that time, the original guild had started to deperish and this was a little something I made right before the remaining members switched to another forum (first we were Hordes Corporation, then we became Phoenix de la Hordes Corporation, litterally Hordes Corporation’s Phoenixes. At one point, PHC fusionned under Putains de Morts-Vivants, litterally “Fucking Walking Deads” / “Fucking Zombies” / “Damn Zombies”, but that doesn’t impact my signatures so…). Anyways… the forum was getting more and more dead, so I made this.

It’s basically Miku Hatsune with a post-apocalyptic background. Even if I’d like to, I couldn’t find the pic under one hour because of the pool of images on Danboory I’d have to search through… So, sorry, but no credits given here; the picture still isn’t mine though ! I only modified it a little.

It’s been so long (October 2010) that I don’t even know if I changed the pics’ colors (I’m mostly wondering for the little flying flower thingy) or not, but one things’ sure: I added a wicked image over it, for the sky. The second line of writting wasn’t meant to be readable in the first glance, only if you pay attention to it.

I don’t really like the whole thing, but I really like the little color touch-ups on the black-and-white picture and the fact that Miku is so perfectly positionned in the frame. I’m 100% sure I didn’t make the highlights on Miku though, I usually don’t take that much care of the pictures I use, I take care of other things usually.


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