014 Zombie/Frankenstein themed signature

signat 4

Second Hordes signature. Click to enlarge !

The second signature I made for my Hordes guild. I don’t really like it that much, but I have to say that the colors go well together and that I like the border. I like how the eyes came out. The picture is also from Danbooru and was drawn by Tamaoki Benkyou and here’s his or her Pixiv page.

I didn’t edit the illustration at all, I only took the white background from it and plastered it on the Umberlla Corp background with a *all together* fusion option.

I obviously used the same pic twice, but only it was with a vertical symmetry. This is a classic way of doing signatures (same pic, one bigger that’s less clear/opaque, one smaller that’s clearer) and that I don’t really like because it’s like having no other ideas of what to do with a pic, and just putting it like this… But I thought it fitted really well (plus the pic was high-rectangle shapped, almost square-like), for the size and for the colors as well, so…

I did not make the Umbrella in the backgrond, it’s from an Umbrella Corp background I found randomly.


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