013 ‘Umbrella Corp’ themed signature

signat 3

A Umbrella Corp themed signature for Hordes.fr.

Another signature I made for myself to wear on my Hordes.fr guild, except this time… it’s the first one I ever made for there. I’ll be posting more of these very soon, because I found a place on HJMK, my manga(-ka) forum (well, I’m only an administrator that hasn’t came there for a while and returned very recently, so it’s not exactly mine, but still) where I put all of my signatures, except the most recent ones.

I really like this one because it’s one of the firsts where I really used the fusion options in a way that can’t possibly be missed. I think this signature influenced a lot of the free creations (and even those that were asked of me with strict conditions in my courses)… I mean, this is kind of the ‘beginning’ of a new way of dealing with multiple layers and how they apply to each other in other ways than the usual 100% one on top of the other.

Also, this is one of the first signatures I used a particular cutting-out technique which can be described as “take the magic wand, cut out approximatevely, then add a glow around to mask everything so it’s perfect”. I’ve also used it here, Article #006, but not enough to mask the outline in the upper-right character.

If I remember well, I used multiple times the Umberlla layer in different fusion modes, but not absolutely sure. I remember I tried to see how it would look like though. And, just in case you’re wondering, I always do the text last. Then move around things if really necessary, but that’s rare.

While writting I’ve also found the source picture on Danbooru. The original arist in Buzz and here is his or her Pixiv page’s link. The character is Iria Animi from Tales of Innoncence, but she has the pose of the main character of the Resident Evil films in one of their movie posters, that you can see right here:

Source version of the pic I used.

 I just noticed the illustration is actually quite ressembling, much more than I thought… The details are quite accurate.

Anyways, this will be able about this ‘first’ signature I really really like except that… It was made around July 2010.

Just adding a little thing… I am scheduling multiple posts to be posted over the next few days, one per day, at 9:30am UST-4 (my time). So I won’t really be on my blog, live, at that time, though I promise to check up on here more often and to post most of the things I do. Before, I didn’t really like the fact that I had imposed to myself a rule that was “Always give the credits and comment” and it seems kind of a pain after a while… But now I’m motivated enough to do it again, as long as I can find the credits I want to give. ^-^


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