012 ‘Inception’ themed signature

A signature you're obviously not seeing.

Click to enlarge ! ^_^

I saw the movie on January 1st for the first time and it was awesome ! I’m already a huge fan of another movie made by the same director (Christopher Nolan), The Dark Knight, and now this one… Well, maybe I’m going to become a fan of all the movie he makes… We’ll see with The Dark Knight Rises this summer!

This one was kind of made on a whim, without much thinking. I simply searched for some Inception posters on Google Images and for some character’s illustration on Danbooru, put everything together using a lot of fusion modes as usual, and that was it. I started out by doing a wallpaper version first, then compressed the elements to make a signature.

There’s a whole lot of details that can’t be seen on the signature version, so here’s the wallpaper version I made:

A wallpaper I made that you're obviously not seeing.

Click to see at 100% ! :)

A whole lot of details… and that the light part of the ‘rotated’ buildings are really pixelated. Plus, some obscure thing happened at the top left corner, I just noticed… I used a layer of black to take off the INCEPTION that was put in that corner, but it seems that after modifying other stuff, it didn’t really work…

Here’s all the stuff I used for this:

  •  A really nice poster of Inception. Used it in the top right part, for color and texture. Plus there’s a big “-CEPTION” that can be seen. :)
  • A OK Inception poster. I basically put this poster and the next one () together to form the left side of the thing. Even though I took of all the text on the clouds, we can’t really see the poster, on neither of the versions…
  • A cool badass Inception poster. (The INCEPTION from the top left corner.) It’s the major part of the wallpaper/signature. I only had to select the lighter part of the picture and take it off, then add an “external glow” via the layer effects. We can still see some of the people in the wallpaper version, though that wasn’t what I was going for and although that could have been a really nice thing to explore and to use.
  • I don’t actually know what this is, maybe a poster for the Blu-ray version… Anyways, I used it in the top right part (obviously) and it came out quite good. Well, okay, that’s what I say, but to like this you have to like this kind of ‘cut-out’ creations. …Which I don’t do very often, because it’s a little troublesome.
  • An illustration by コガシロウ (or kogashirou on Danbooru), on Pixiv. It’s Arthur, for those who saw the movie. There were actually way more resembling drawings, but I took this one because the others simply didn’t fit with the ‘mood’ of the wallpaper. They weren’t ‘active’, ‘dynamic’ enough.

That’s all for this one, it’s all only fusion modes anyway. :>


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