011 Second time on Oekaki

You obviousy aren't seeing this blonde girl, with bunny ears and a flashy magenta background.

Second time; looks A LOT better.

I did this right after publishing my latest article. The whole thing took 1:45. It was at the same place than my first Oekaki, at Pallid BSS. Post #1015.

The lineart actually only took about 30 minutes, but the coloring… god. I really get to use the ‘smoothing tool’, as I call it, in this one. I used it for everything except the hair. I really think the way the eyes are made doesn’t fit with the rest; the eyes are all smooth-looking, though the hair and lineart in general is really ‘pixel art-ish’.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t really check is the arms are proportionnate. Or OK-looking. And I just remembered I forgot to add the light parts, over everything except the hair. That means no 3D-ish effect. Meh. (Oh and by the way, when I talk about ‘3D-ish effect’, I’m actually talking about depth, ‘CG 3d-ish’.)

I really liked the hair, when I drew the ‘first sketch’ with circles and lines – you could call that a ‘base’- which I then ‘inked’ on another layer. Plus I’ve taken advantage of the ‘fusion modes’ for the eyes and screwed up less with the layering than the last time, when my lineart was at the bottom and the colors on the top of it…

Speaking of the eyes, they look a lot like the first one, but I like how this came out better than the other. The eyes look more… ‘fitting’, though they’re a tiny bit too big. Anyways, the face looks already too big, so the eyes seem to accentuate that.

As for the colors… I like how the jean came out. The cloth looks normal, except for the right leg on which, as I said, the ‘highlights’ are missing. I think the shirt is OK, though now that I see it again, the left breast doesn’t seem, how can I put this, proportionnate. That’s partially why I usually don’t draw breasts at all, but at least I got to pratice with this drawing.

There’s a tiny problem with the left ear: the tip of it should have been broaden to ressemble the right ear.

As usual, the folds don’t look very natural, particularly on the left shoulder, but at least I don’t have any leaning problems. Or so I think.

One thing’s for sure – I’ll be getting back on Oekaki.


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