010 First time on Oekaki

A not so well-drawn drawing that you're obviously not seeing.

Rândôm character.

I thought I’d try out something new, Googled ‘oekaki’, read some stuff on Wikipedia, then Googled ‘oekaki without registration’, found an oekaki board and just… drew.

Since I thought back at how I drew two eyes previously, I didn’t even bother trying and just put some hair over the other one. Since I mentionned hair – I also think that the locks of hair falling over this… thing’s shoulders doesn’t seem quite… normal. Or looks like dreadlocks – that’s what I was aiming for. But at least I got the chance to experment with drealockish hair

The ears are not on the same ‘level’ and as usual, if you reverse the pic, you’ll see it’s leaning on the left. I really, really need to correct that problem, because it occurs in all my 3/4 on front view drawings. I think I should draw with a background made of vertical lines to correct this. And the leaning’s not just it: it’s also a problem with the hair, more abundant on the left side than on the ride. Usually I invert the canvas horizontally regularly when I draw in Paint Tool SAI, but that won’t quite solve the problem just like that, because on paper I can’t keep reversing the sheet over and over and memorising where the errors are, though seeing where the errors are and correcting them with SAI is good to see what needs more work.

I didn’t really work on the hoodie-like thing… Though I like the texture that I made with the ‘finger’ (?!… it’s called ‘finger’ in French, but the thing din’t have a name on the Oekaki page I used… u-u’ Maybe ‘smoothing tool’…) tool. Looks nice.

I also used the ‘smoothing tool’ for the skin, which gives off a nice ‘3D-ish’ effect. And I prefer not mentionning the eye. I already make some slightly crappy eye on paper, so with a tablet, ugh… I know it’s not that bad, but I could’ve done better with SAI. Though it’s exactly the purpose of Oekaki to not make a perfect drawing – or so it seems.

And yeah, at the beginning I was wondering why in hell the ‘program’ couldn’t create small strokes when I touched my tablet slightly with the pen and took it as a lag, but in the end I just didn’t care anymore. ==’ It’s still very frustrating, though.

The layers. The time I passed figuring out how that thing, on the left side, worked is almost half of the time all the drawing took. I discovered I could lower the opacity of a layer right before I saved the thing.

The background was made with the ‘smoothing tool’ too.

Here‘s where I published my drawing (and where the ‘program’ is, too). It’s post #1014. I was really surprised when I saw the size of the canvas. 200×200, 300×300 or 400×400. That’s so tiny ! But I eventually got used to it and just drew what could actually fit into 400×400.

I just learned that if you go to this line, at the top:

sort by newer picture sort by newer comment  view property – view thumbnails

And you tick in the “View property” box, you can actually see how many brushstrokes, and every other technical stuff, the drawer made when doing the pic… That’s quite impressive, but when I strated I ticked in “property not shown” so… Nothing shows up for my drawing. :< I had approximatively 15 layers and spent 1:30 on this thing… Meh.

I’m sure I’ll be getting back on this thing. Knowing exactly how much time it took and everything is really… Well, let’s be honest, mindblowing. Since you can’t get this on SAI, Photoshop, or any other painting program.


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