009 (More than) A few drawings.

Since I had some time while the scanner was available, I scanned some drawings. Some are very, very old but some were drawn as recently as this week. I scanned ten or eleven sheets, but I put some of them together to save space and have less files to worry about. What I just said isn’t clear at all, but let’s go on to the first (mini-)batch.

This is the first batch of drawings, that you're obviously not seeing.

First batch, let’s call it “A”. You can click on it to see it bigger.

This one is quite recent. There’s the character design on the right and the result on the left. I did the character design (i.e. making up the whole character’s looks) somewhere at the beginning  of October and the other drawing was made on the 17th of October. I drew this character for a fursona mascot contest over at Harajuku-Mangaka, but in the end I didn’t have enough time to upload it and since there was only one entry, the contest was canceled. It’s supposed to be reopened later this year (in December, I suppose) so I’ll definitely try entering. Maybe I’ll draw something better than this, though. I progressed (a little lot) since I drew this. I would be drawing the feet differently, because actually it seems like it’s not the same person’s feet. The fingers are way too small. The little band of ‘fabric’ that goes over the right side of here skirt is quite… strange. It’s too “still”. There’s also a problem with the ears; they are way too big. Her head simply can’t hold ears as big as these. And some “folds” in the skin of the ears, right near where they connect with the head, would be really nice. The face is strangely done, but that’s maybe only because I usually shade everything, from faces to toes, something I didn’t do here. Or maybe it’s a simple lack of detail over that area that is the problem.

Batch B, that you're obviously not seeing.

Second batch of drawings, “B”.

Now this is a little bit more recent. These are also character designs, though for their needs, I didn’t bother to draw a body for each of them. These are characters for a story I thought about after listening to the song Armistice by the indie group Phoenix (I still don’t know what “indie” exactly means though I’ve been listening to the genre for almost a year now…). It’s about time travel, but it’s a little twisted since I learned some stuff about the possible shape of the universe recently, and I don’t have a “stable” stry for now. I have 3 characters: the one on the left side of the sheet, with the wavy hair and the angel-ish face, the one with a =_= look in the top right corner, and the girl in the bottom right corner. I simply hate how I drew her (that explains why, just beside the drawing of the profile, I drew what her skull would look like if it was shaped like that), the two times. And I had serious problems with the serious-faced guy’s neck. It’s just… urgh. So complicated to draw ! And I don’t really like the wavy haired guy’s profile, either. What kind of a chin is that, huh ? I made some notes in French, on the eyebrows, general shape of the head, skin color and little details like that.

Batch C, that you obviously aren't seeing.

The third “batch” of drawings, “C”.

THAT is some truly old stuff. With some new stuff, too. In the middle you can see the first ever drawing of characters I call “Maëlle” (to the left) and “Joëlle” (to the right). This was draw in October 2009,  around the time I changed from SoleileCouchante to Shem Phera. Nowadays, I would say this is an O.K. drawing, for that time (’cause I remember stuff much, much worse from around that time). But, hey, the anatomy looks almost extraterrestrial. Those hips, man, those hips. Maëlle, particularly.  Those hands, man, those hands. Those arms… those arms. Those shoulders. Those knees. Those hair locks, without an ounce of detail. Those face shapes, for Joëlle. Those breasts, man. WHERE IS THOU BOSOM, MAËLLE ? Where is thou neck, Joëlle ? Or, more precisely, where does you neck attach to the rest ? We want some sexy collar bones, do you hear me ?! Ehem. Next you have how I drew them, not so long ago, probably in October. I actually don’t really like the new drawings either, but meh, at least there’s some comparison that can be made. And there’s Fay (on the extreme right), too, which I invented around that time. Fay was a little more punkish before, here she seems kind of… deflated. I won’t say much on Maëlle and Joëlle relationship, but if you figured everything out only from me mentioning it, well… bravo. I don’t think you’ll be hearing much about Maëlle and Joëlle stuff, though. The story in which they were “used” (it’s kind of cruel to say that, as an artist, but meh, that’s kind of how it is) doesn’t… really… inspire me anymore.

The third batch that you're obviously not seeing.

The third batch of drawings, “D”.

This is an “old v/s” old batch. Do you see the size of that face and those extraterrestrial eyes ? The lovely lack of detail in the hair ? The lovely lack of shading over the skin ? The cannot…unsee… lack of anything on the legs ? The dress, levitating on the right side of the image ? Well. That’s how I drew in March 2010. And the image on the right is something that was never finished. I was quite proud of how I drew the right hand, though. I drew without any knowledge of anatomy – and that’s the MAJOR problem I see in other people drawings. I am not saying I draw perfectly. What I’m saying is that lack of knowledge of basic human anatomy is, sometimes, very obvious. But let’s leave that for some other time. Wow, that right shoulder looks skinny as hell. And I’m not even talking about the legs. The legs are… less than bone.

The fifth batch of drawings that you're obviously not seeing.

The fifth “batch” of drawings, “E”.

Now THIS is some really recent stuff. The one of the right is, anyway. I drew it on the 10th of November, for the lineart (which took me a little over an hour), and put the “colors” (shading, black & white) on the 11th. As for the one on the left… I probably drew it in less than ten minutes. And That is, by the way, the proof that I drew almost everywhere I can. Those are math notes. And on the top part of the drawing on the right, you can see some official stuff, from my school. Yes, I do draw on that. It was a nice, wide white space. Puurrrfect. I didn’t put much though on the one on the left side, I just thought about something reptilian (I have indeed read Pandect, the web-comic, for those wondering). As for the one on the right… That is my fursona (or, rather, my furry-sona), that I also drew in my first article. It has changed a little from last time, but meh, people change. The right foot looks a little strange, but I think there rest is o.k. But how can that nose be some cute… ? I think the hair should be a bit more “bouncy”, it looks “solid” here. The wings are meant not to be attached. I wasn’t sure if I would keep them or not. The eyes are nice. The little freaky touch is discrete. And by the way, I’ve just seen how my “f” in “f(x)”, in my math notes, changes almost every time…

The sixth batch that you're obviously not seeing.

The sixth batch of drawings, “F”.

These are the ones that were done this week. The first I drew is the one in the bottom left corner, started on November the 14th and done mostly on the 15th. It’s my furry-sona again, with different clothing because I wanted to see some collar bones this time. It was actually supposed to be something to relieve my anger towards some people, with a caption like “F*** thee all” but in the end I simply did this. The belt looks quite interesting from afar, but when you see it up close it’s quite simply done. With the same freaky eyes. I forgot my furry-sona now had some longer locks of hair (seriously, it went out of my head, though I was drawing on the same sheet as for the right side of Batch E). For those wondering, the little faint marks on the left, with the arrows and the strange face with a smile, were done when I drew on my eraser and used it as a “pattern” (I know this isn’t the right name, but I don’t know how you call those things in English), that’s why they’re called “Erase art”. The next drawing I drew was the one on the top, in the middle. I did it to pass time (thus it only took 15 minutes) and improvised some cat-faced girl. The drawing in the right bottom corner was drawn next, on the 15th for the lineart (1hour 45minutes), the 16th for the black & white + shading and the 17th for the colors (skin, wings [yes, the “bones” and the “skin” of the wings are colored], hair, Arizona can). At the beginning, I thought about putting an umbrella instead of the Arizona Iced Tea can, but I abandoned the thing – too complicated for not much. I put the can instead and it turned out really cool. It was more flashy before I scanned it, though, but this color’s not so bad. If you want my honest opinion, I think the butt looks… strange. I think it’s too small. But I’m not a specialist of boy’s/man’s butt, so don’t ask me ! The rest looks good. I wish I could’ve know more about bat wing anatomy, because like this the wing on the left looks a little strange. I suppose we naturally understand I wanted to make some good-looking strange angle effect, but meh, could be a little better. I’m almost 100% sure the problem comes from the “bone” part of the wing: it’s supposed to be solid, not foldable ! And, to conclude, the hair isn’t supposed to look that dark. I know the shirt with the sleeves looks a little strange (the way I chose to make it hold is strange from the start)… that’s just some somewhat failed folds. I simply have to put a little emphasis on the jean’s pocket. It’s two wings, a devilish tail and some horns. c: Now for the last drawing (I suggest you view it from a -90° rotation, because if not… it looks like my furry-sona is defying gravity and sleeping on the floor): I did the lineart on the 20th of November, it took me approximately 3 hours. I did the black & white & shading in 30 minutes, while in class.  The part up of the legs is my favorite. The expression on that face is simply… priceless. Can you imagine someone so tired that he sleeps while leaning on a wall ? I like the shirt; I simply nailed the baggy style I wanted to do ! And those sweat pants, man. I think I partly failed them, but meh, the spirit seems there. I like the headphones’ design, too. And those ears… those little cute, sleepy ears… I really like how the right feet (the left one on the pic) turned out. I finally got to use the stuff I learned about feet viewed in profile ! How it should look like a box, and a triangle… I think the right arm is strange. I based it on a Final Fantasy XIII poster (Lightning’s arm, obviously) and it didn’t turn out as good as expected. But I like the rest, it compensates. (:

The seventh batch that you're obviously not seeing.

The seventh ‘batch’ of drawings, “G”.

Now for this last batch ! This one really sticks out because it’s not a drawing and looks more like notes… Well, these are notes I made for myself on stuff I would like to make. On the left side, you have what looks like a circle with… stuff around and on it. It’s a headphone. I would like to make myself some headphones that have LEDs in it, just for the fun of it. It still needs some thorough thinking though, as to were I’ll put the LEDs, exactly, how many of them I’ll put, where and how will I put a on/off switch in, etc. The “project” (if I may call it like that) on the left is a drawing table, or post, or board, as you like it. I want it to have two exchangeable “interface”: one that’ll be able to rotate 180° and one that’ll simply be stable. Right this minute I had an idea for how to stop the rotating part from rotating indefinitely while I’ll be drawing, so don’t worry about that. I just have to find out how I’ll find everything I need (I know [more or less…] what I need for the rotating part, but I don’t know where of even if I’ll be able to find that kind of thing) and how I’ll put everything together. The thing is, I haven’t done much DIY things in my life. But I’m eager to start. : )

That’ll be all for tonight. It’s not even “November 26” anymore… Didn’t figure commenting on all this would that This much time.


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