007 Little Android.

The Android illustration I made that you obviously aren't seeing.

Little Android mascot, with Halloween-esque background.

I was waiting for my MMORPG to update itself, so I started drawing the Android mascot that’s been on my desktop wallpaper for a few weeks now. I have an Acer Aspire 5532 computer (the one with 1,6 Ghz processor and 250 Gb hard disk) with a Windows Se7en OS -it’s rather lame for MMO’s, who usually require at least 1,6 Ghz and recommend 2,0, but meh, it’s just okay for the use I have for it- and I have installed and Android visual theme to get everything more customized. This is the one I have, though I downloaded mine from deviantART. The picture shows how it looked before I modified the wallpaper to make it look more Halloween-esque and how RocketDock (that’s what the dock at the top is called – very useful little fella, you won’t even want the W7 taskbar anymore once you know how to customise your Dock and the icons that are on it) looked before the beast within me was unleashed upon hundreds, thousands of icons and skins and docklets and dkgfkjdfh. Over here you can get to know more about RocketDock – it’s basically a Windows version of the Macintosh OS’s taskbar.

What was the initial topic again ? Oh, right, the drawing. All there is to know is that it was done using MS Paint and it took 15 minutes. The Android mascot is so cuute. <3

That’ll be all for now. Not much to saw about a doodle anyway.

Ps: I may be creating another blog for some ‘technological’ news. I have tons of RSS that flood me every day with megatons of interesting stuff, and since I keep spamming my Facebook page/wall like mad because of them, I’ll probably switch to a blog instead. This new blog won’t change anything about this one, I simply wanted to keep, um, well you! who is reading, informed.


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