006 Yet another signature.

A signature you're obviously not seeing.

A signature for a chat mmorpg game’s forum. Though I don’t go on their forum. Meh.

To know that posting cyberart (I learned this term today *_* //so proud//)  wasn’t even in my plans when I started this art blog… Oh well, nothing ever goes according to plan (hm, where did I hear this again ?).

First, before getting to the credits, let’s say a few lines about where I use this thing and what in hell is an “MMORPG chat game”. I know only two (one’s name I forgot, but everyone looks like an *okay, prepare yourself, people* EGG and the other one is the one I’m on when I have nothing else to do, BlablaLand) but I don’t think there’s much more since it’s kind of childish. So, you know, it’s for chatting. Except that you have your little character that you can customize with the “skins” (the *EHEM*goddamn*HEM* site is French yet the names given to those are still ‘skins’…) that you either already have when you sign up (more or less 20 skins) or that you buy after you earned some BBL, blablions.”BBL” is actually also the site’s “initials” (or is it called “initials”?) but no one seems to mind this non-sense…

By the way, it’s a rather childish game, there are people from mostly 10 to 17/18 years old… But at 10PM, you have some guys there asking everyone they see moving “Do you have cam ?” so… let’s say that the night unleashes, um, stuff.

So let’s get started with the credits.  I actually only had to take 4 screen shots of my character, cut (some of) them out, paste them on a new 170×600 file, get three C4D in the background, play like a child with the layer’s fusion mode, add some text and… voilà. It took me a little less than an hour. The C4D I used : “Disaster by dogparry“, “0806220513213773079” and “t317051_C4D33“. I took them all from Make Your Horse’s resources section two or three years ago, hence the last C4D that disappeared and I had to upload again. The last link  (“Make Your Horses’s […]”) leads to the post from which I took the third, in case someone wants to get back to the source of this, it could help. This person has used it in a deviation, on DeviantART. And for those wondering, here’s how to use a C4D; with layer’s fusion mode.

Moving on… I tried to make the illusion that the four characters were actually ‘standing’ or ‘flying’ on parts of the C4Ds. With all the effects I added afterwards, it didn’t really work out for the middle-right one, but the others seem o.k. On the other hand, I’m really proud how the ‘flying’ letters turned out. They’re almost bad-ass. 8]

We’ll note the mini reference guiding people here… Obvious ref is obvious. e_e It was really helpful for filling out the space at the bottom, too.


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