004 HJMK’s summer designs (2)

The screen of the first summer HJMK design you're obsviously not seeing.

The first summer “design”/skin I made for the Harajuku Mangaka forum. Click to enlarge !

Since I’ve already posted the actual HJMK Halloween design,

I thought it would be cool to post the one & ½ that came before. I made this one at the very end of May, and other than playing with the layer fusion options, I didn’t do much on this piece. The “Who Is Online / Qui Est En Ligne” pic comes from the same illustration as the banner. The drawing was done by くろぶた月刊, Kurobuta Gekkan, and can be found here (Pixiv link to the original pic).

I wanted it to be something… a little bit strange compared to usual forum styles. I also wanted it to be “refreshing” (as in a toothpaste commercial). I made the table’s borders round, but for some reason, it won’t show up on the screen shot.

I don’t remember how much time it took, but I would say about a little more than an hour, maybe two, for everything (images and colors).

The second summer design I made for HJMK, screen shot that you obviously aren't seeing.

Screen shot of the second summer design I made for HJMK. Obviously, nothing changed except the banner. Click to enlarge !

Now for the second design,

which is more a 1 & ½ design, since only the banner and the background were changed. I wanted to keep the “bubbly” and “fresh” feel to everything (hence the OVER bubbly bg). First I wanted to change the borders for a light pink (like the banner’s text) to play with contrasts, but I just abandoned the thing after trying out a few adjustments.

As for the original picture, it was drawn by 芹菜, Selina, and can be found on his/her pixiv page. For those who are not familiar with Pixiv (like me; I am almost in love with this pink-haired character and I can’t even see more pic’s of her ;_;), you can browse some of his/her work on Danbooru. Careful, there’s a lot of NSFW (Not Safe For Work)  adds.

And since we’re (wait, who?) are talking about Pixiv…

I just found Miwa Shirow’s TIGER&BUNNY fanart ! O ¬ O //OHMAYGOSHDEAD// 

Some gorgeous fan art that you're obviously not seeing ! ;__;

So, um, yeah.

What were we talking about before… ? Right, the banner. I like the big bold HJMK letters in the back of the text, looks cool and slightly bad-ass.

So, um yeah, I think that’ll be all for today. c:


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