002 My first AMV (April 2011)

My first AMV, the one that didn’t get selected between the forty or so that were presented at the Otakuthon. e_e Please watch it in 480p, I consider that it’s not worth it otherwise.

I wasn’t aiming for anything, but to learn that it wasn’t even presented was a little… well, let’s be honest: disappointing. And honestly speaking, I thought it was at least of the level of the worst one I saw that were presented in 2010. I was eager to read GeneralGuy’s review, but meh, didn’t happen.

But let’s see the bright side ! Now at least I know that if I’m not serious about the quality and everything, then it can’t (even) enter the “participant’s category” ! …I’m not much of a natural optimist, since it’s all the positive stuff I found about it. e___e’

Anyways, if you go on the YouTube page related to my AMV and read de description, you’ll see that I have a 15 lignes long rant in there. I can get pretty absorbed in something when I start.

Oh and let’s add the AnimeMusicVideo.Org link for my video, too.  There (and on the YouTube page too) you can see some technical stuff such as which editing program did I use, how much time it took me to make the AMV, what animes were used, what song did I use and lastly, some comments on the making. Like the problems I had with the green grid at 1:01. Actually, when I started exporting the earlier versions, I had green grids on all the video parts that came from Level E… I had to cut a bunch of them out to make the video viewable, but I kept this one because it seemed cool and, um, “well-placed” ? It seemed to me like a good transition between the Deadman Wonderland clip and the Level E one.

Lastly, I’ll just add that I didn’t use much effects – I mean, at all. The only part was at the end when the white-haired girl turns around (oh, and that was a problem I had too, but adapted it to blend in and to make it look like it was wanted) and at the beginning, just before the Analog Marmelade title shows up with the letters twirling all around, when the black-haired girl turns around (yes, I saw the little white frame at 00:28… five minutes ago @_@”). No effects were added to the beginning sequence; I’ve used the Canaan Opening as it originally was.

One last thing (I promise I won’t add anything after this !): I inserted one or two tinyy “SHEM PHERA”s here and there. I wanted to put something in the 1:01-1:04 sequence too, but Vegas kept placing them strangely so I gave up struggling since it would only have been visible for people who are very sensible to details. Yes, it’s kind of a wink to Nostromo, my favorite AMV maker. :)


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