001 Welcome !

A Matryoshka-inspired drawing that obviously won't show up.

Very fast-draw Matryoshka-like (go search it on YouTube, you’ll see) half-furry-fursona. I luv composite words.

Welcome to my blog, {reader} !

 On this blog, I will post my daily creations, and by that I mean my drawings, AMVs, stories and other !

First things first, drawings.

I’ve been drawing since August 2006 or 2007, if I remember well. It’s only a year more or less, I don’t think it’ll bother anyone deeply… I started drawing because I had characters for a story -story that was highly inspired by Naruto– I wanted to illustrate… And it kind of went on and on and on… until nowadays. So yes, I’m more manga-style orientated -though not with the anime “big-eyes-&-stick-like-legs” style, which, I must say, I HATE.

Please note that I don’t draw very well with my tablet. I don’t use it very much, because I think drawing “traditionally” is faster which kind of contradicts the whole concept of “computer-made art”. I’ll try drawing more with it though, because I want to improve ! D8< And I don’t think I’ll be posting all my traditional stuff before some time since the scanner of the House doesn’t work with Windows 7, the OS I have on my computer. HP said it himself.

I am kind of a compulsive drawer -if it’s even possible to put it like that. What I mean is that I draw in every tiny space I have on my notebooks. Eyes, mostly -that’s maybe not the simplest thing to draw, but it sure is the fastest- and random characters. Sometimes I just get kind of frenzy and have this I WANT TO DRAW, GIVE MEH A SHEET OR I’LL BITE YOU expression/state of mind. And I also draw elsewhere that on my school notebooks, on white, usually normal-looking sheets ! …I think I’ll just go on to the next topic before I scare some potentials readers off.

Second things… seconds, Anime Music Videos.

I started doing AMVs in April -2011, that is. And… yeah, that’s pretty much what I have to say about it. My AMV.org profile is on my “Contact” page. (:

Third things… Stories.

I think you’ll have noticed it by now… I’m not a native English speaker ! I’m actually a Hungarian who came to Canada in 2002, spoke French from then on and learned English at approximatively the same time. Though I have to say I write and speak French quite/really well, I still need to work on my English. I just hope people understand what I’m saying ! O_O’

Since I have some grammar difficulties while writing in English, my stories will be written in French. Don’t worry though, I’ll translate them afterwards. I already have some stories written -though I’ve never finished even one- that I’m thinking about posting such as Beliy Plaschik/White Robe (inspired by t.A.T.u.’s song, but not by it’s meaning) -you’ll probably hear again about it in a few months, it needs some thorough revision for now.

Maybe I’ll add more ‘categories’ later, such as ‘web design’… but this will be all for now (:

I hope you’ll appreciate your visit here !

Please don’t be shy to give me some feedback on anything you see or read (:

PS: I’ll be numbering my articles so that they can be replaced in chronological order. I übberly hate blogs where you can’t tell what was the first article ever posted or the most recent one !
PS2: Isn’t there a way to deactivate smillies on WordPress ? ;_;

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